Lawyers and tax advisors

ADR bodies and arbitration boards can help solve disputes between lawyers and clients. These include disputes about fee invoices and/or claims for damages.

The Schlichtungsstellen der regionalen Rechtsanwaltskammern

(Out-of-court dispute resolution bodies of the regional bar associations)

These bodies handle different types of disputes between lawyers and its clients. Disputes fall under the scope of that association where the lawyer is a member.


The  Schlichtungsstelle der Rechtsanwaltschaft*

(Conciliation Board of the Legal Profession)

covers all other disputes. Particularly those, where the client seeks financial compensation.

Neue Grünstraße 17

10179 Berlin

Phone: +49 30/28444170




Beschwerdestellen bei den regionalen Steuerberaterkammern

(Complaint bodies at the regional chambers of tax advisers)

Some regional chambers of tax advisers have established complaint bodies. Please note that they will only consider breaches of professional regulations, like the obligation to secrecy or independence.

Practical tip: Contact the regional chamber of tax advisers where yours is a member to file a complaint.


* Alternative Dispute Resolution body

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