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Living in Germany

Are you planning to move to Germany for a longer period of time? Would you like to rent a flat in this country?

In this case, there are certainly many things that are new to you. We will explain important aspects of living in Germany, e.g. what insurance cover you need, what the Rundfunkbeitrag is about or what needs to be listed in the rental agreement.

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Renting in Germany

For all real estate properties located in Germany, the rental contract based on German law. We provide you with information about house hunting and housing allowance, deposit, rent and utilities, renovation, home insurance and much more.

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Leaving Germany

If you leave Germany forever and move abroad, you have to think about some important things, such as deregistering from your local municipal authority or canceling subscription contracts. We have listed the most important things for you.

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Insurance in Germany

There is a variety of insurances available in Germany. The most important optional insurance is the Private Liability Insurance. We briefly introduce you to the most important things.

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Telecommunication in Germany

If you move to Germany, you can choose from a large amount of offers made by various German telephone operators, mobile operators and internet access providers. We also explain what to do if you want to change the provider or if your phone is lost.

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Moving to Germany

We provide you with information about what to think about and what to do after you move to Germany. Starting with registration in the town hall, broadcasting fees, vehicle registration, taxes and charges.

Information for refugess from Ukraine

In cooperation with the European Consumer Centres Network, the ECC Germany has developed useful leaflets for refugees from Ukraine. The leaflets provide information about important consumer and travel rights in the EU.

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