Border controls and customs

Despite the Schengen Agreement and the decrease of frequent border controls inside the EU, you should consider some aspects.

Do I have to declare cash and valuables to customs?

When travelling within the EU with cash or means of payment with a total value of € 10,000 or more, you must declare the amount at the customs office on request. Means of payment include savings books, securities (savings bonds, cheques, shares), but also precious metals and precious stones. The EU Commission offers a website with the necessary forms.


The amount of 10,000 euros must be declared per person.

Import and export of goods

There is normally no problem when taking goods with you across the border, as long as the goods are for “personal use”. There are, however, indicative quantities that apply to the import of legal drugs such as cigarettes or alcoholic beverages into another EU member state. Following allowances have been determined:

Tobacco products:

800 Cigarettes

400 Cigarillos

200  Cigars

1 kilogramme Smoking Tobacco 


Alcoholic beverages:

10 litres Spirits (for example brandy, whisky, rum, vodka)

10 litres Sweetened beverages with alcohol (alcopops)

20 litres Fortified wines (for example sherry, port, marsala)

60 litres Sparkling wine

110 litres Beer


Other goods subject to excise duty:

10 kilogrammes Coffee or products containing coffee

You may acquire energy products such as petrol or diesel motor fuel in another EU member state for yourown use. However, they may only be transported in your vehicle’s fuel tank or in reserve tanks in your vehicle. No objection will be raised at up to 20 liters of motor fuel in reserve tanks.

You want to buy more?

If the indicative quantity is exceeded, it will be presumed that the goods are intended for commercial purposes. This in turn requires the payment of customs duties. The member states of the EU reserve the right to levy excise duties on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages if the carried products are not intended for personal use.

However, the transport of large quantities complies with the law if proof of personal use can be furnished. Events that may justify the acquisition of large quantities are e.g. weddings.


You can only transport domestic animals under certain conditions. The pet has to be identifiable through tattoo or microchip and must be vaccinated against rabies. Furthermore, an EU pet passport for each animal has to be provided.