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Shopping around the clock? No problem on the Internet. Clothing, musical tickets, groceries, electrical appliances and much more are just a swipe or a click away on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Products can be ordered online and delivered directly to your home. But what do you need to know in order to shop safely on the Internet? And what to do if you fall into a subscription trap or have bought a counterfeit product?

The following articles provide you with relevant information about your consumer rights while making online purchases.

Eine Frau öffnet auf ihrem Smartphone einen Online-Shop. In der rechten Hand hält sie ihre Kreditkarte für die Zahlung bereit.

How to shop online

When you shop online: Choose your online shop carefully, compare prices and observe the delivery conditions! This and more advices.

Ein Mann sitzt vor seinem Laptop und hält sich mit seiner rechten Hand die Stirn.

Subscription Trap: Aliaz Cooperation

We receive numerous complaints regarding the "Aliaz Cooperation SIA" that operates several online shops. Free samples are advertised in social media. However, consumers are caught in a subscription trap.

Nahaufnahme einer Kreditkarte.

Dating services

Dating sites often promise free registration but be wary of the terms they use! Generally, creating the profile is free, but accessing the messaging services or seeing all of the other profiles may require a paid subscription.

[Translate to English:] Ein Laptop steht auf einem Holztisch. Auf dem Bildschirm sieht man den Schriftzug "Google".

Geoblocking and Cross-Border Portability

Unjustified geoblocking has prevented consumers from using services and buying goods from a trader based in another EU country. Since 2018 this has largely come to an end.

Zahlreiche Pakete liegen übereinandergestapelt auf einem Haufen.

Online scams and counterfeit goods

Some general advice about how to beware of internet fraud, like subscription traps. We also give advice how to avoid buying counterfeit products.