ADR bodies in Germany

Do you have a dispute with a trader from Germany? Alternative dispute resolution bodies support you in solving the problem: competent, quick and free of charge.

There are many specialised alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR bodies) for example for disputes with airlines, insurances and financial institutions. All other disputes fall under the jurisdiction of a General Consumer Conciliation Body.

In Germany, alternative dispute resolution bodies are called ‘Verbraucherschlichtungsstellen’. They need to comply with quality standards applicable all over Europe. Verbraucherschlichtungsstellen are marked with an * on our website. There are also other out-of-court dispute resolution bodies. For example, for disputes with car traders.

The Federal Office of Justice registers and lists all German alternative dispute resolution bodies. Consumers can find a list of all dispute resolution bodies in Germany below, categorized by sector.

Useful informaion:

  • Try to solve the problem with the trader first, before you contact an ADR body
  • Check whether the trader informs of ADR procedures on his website/ general terms of contract
  • Use the online form, if available, to file a complain

Procedures undertaken with alternative dispute resolution bodies are always free of charge for consumers in Germany. Dispute resolution bodies are mostly called "Schlichtungsstelle", sometimes also "Ombudsmann" (ombudsman) or "Vermittlungsstelle" (conciliation committee).

ADR bodies in Germany

Blauer Regenschirm vor sonnigem Himmel

General Consumer Conciliation Bodies

Do you have a complaint against a retailer or a car rental company? Whenever there is no specialised conciliation body, you can turn to a general consumer conciliation body.

Palmen vor blauem Himmel

Travelling & public transport

Train delay, flight cancellation or baggage loss: If consumers have problems with airlines or other transport companies, they can turn to a dispute resolution body.

Blonde Frau sitz am Steuer eines Autos, Blick auf das Armaturenbrett.

Car Retail

Frequent points of dispute when buying a used car are technical vehicle defects, accident damage or problems with the sales contract. Consumers can also file complaints resulting from disputes for repairs.

Ein Haus, ein Auto und eine Familie sind als Miniaturbilder dargestellt.


Do you encounter problems with an insurance? You will find some useful information on ADR bodies dealing with complaints against insurances, intermediaries, brokers and sales representatives.

Zahlreiche Pakete liegen übereinandergestapelt auf einem Haufen.

Telecommunication & Mail

Do you have a dispute about phone bills or problems changing your phone provider? Has your package been damaged in transit? In this and many other cases, the Federal Network Agency can help you.

Geöffnetes Sparschwein mit vielen Münzen.

Financial Services & Money Investment

Do you have a dispute with a financial institution? Then you can turn to a specialised ADR body, e.g. if the dispute concerns consumer credits, money transfers or investments.

Ein Mann im Anzug zeigt mit einer Banane Richtung Kamera

Lawyers & Tax Advisors

ADR bodies and arbitration boards can help solve disputes between lawyers and clients. These include disputes about fee invoices and/or claims for damages.

Angezogener Schraubstock mit Münzen und Taschenrechner

Credit Rating

In cases of differences with the SCHUFA, consumers can turn to its ombudsman. The ombudsman clarifies the disputed matter neutrally and free of charge.

Hochspannungsleitungen und Masten vor untergehender Sonne


The ADR body for energy handles disputes between consumers and energy providers (electricity and gas) that concern, for example, the payment of an invoice or the switch to a new energy supplier.

Grundgerüst eines Hauses auf einer Baustelle

Real Estate

Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with estate agents, administrators, construction companies and architects in order to find a quick and amicable solution.

Umzugskartons, gerollter Teppich und weitere Gegenstände vor einer blauen Flurwand

Moving Companies

Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with a moving company of the AMÖ in order to find a quick and amicable solution.

Viele Ringschlüssel

Skilled Crafts

If you have a dispute with a craftsman, you can submit your complaint to one of the many regional chambers of skilled crafts, which will then conduct the conciliation procedure.

Rad eines Rollstuhls in dem ein Menschsitzt, auf einem Weg im Grünen

Persons with Disabilities

You were violated by a public body in your right to accessibility because of your impairment or you could not participate in life in society?