Contact the European Consumer Centre

Do you have a question on general consumer issues in everyday life or do you want to file a complaint against a company from another EU country?

Then please follow our step-by-step instructions so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

Please, keep your documents ready for uploading. In case of a complaint, we also need a scanned power of attorney with a genuine signature from you.

Requirements for a successful contact

  1. If you are resident in Germany and are involved in a dispute with a business based in another EU country or have another inquiry, please fill out our form.
  2. If you are resident in another EU member State, Iceland, Norway or the United Kingdom, please contact the European Consumer Centre in your country of residence, even if your complaint concerns a trader in Germany. You can find the contact details for your country's European Consumer Centre.
  3. If you are not resident in either Germany, the EU, Iceland, Norway or the United Kingdom, we are unable to handle your complaint or request, even if your complaint concerns a trader in Germany or the EU.

Important note

Statute of limitations

Please note that the processing of your complaint by our lawyers has no influence on the regular statutory limitation period.

If your claim / requirement threatens to expire because the matter occurred a long time ago, you must act.

The statute of limitations can be suspended by filing a lawsuit at court before the end of the corresponding time limit.


Chargeback procedure (back transfer of the purchasing price or the booking costs)

If you have paid by credit card (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, American Express), you have the possibility – under certain conditions – to initiate a chargeback.

Please contact immediately your bank and ask whether the conditions for a chargeback are met (e.g. deadline for initiation). If the chargeback is done, please inform us accordingly; thus we can close your complaint.

[Translate to English:] Ein Jurist und zwei Verbraucher sitzen an einem Beratungstisch. Der Jurist klärt das Paar über ihre Verbraucherrechte auf.

Information request

What rights do I have when buying online? How do I recognize a reputable online shop? What rights do I have if the flight was delayed or luggage got lost?

You have a question about everyday consumer life in the EU and don't know what to do?

Then please contact us via this request form.

Important: The information request must be submitted by the person in whose name the order or booking is made!

One person gives another person a business card with contact details of the European Consumer Centre Germany.

Complaint form

Have you encountered a consumer complaint against a provider based in another European Member State, Norway, Iceland or the United Kingdom, and you already tried to contact them but without any success?

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) can help you find a quick and amicable settlement! Our services are free of charge.

If no solution can be reached to your satisfaction, a recourse to the courts is still possible.

Important: The complaint must be submitted by the person in whose name the order or booking is made!