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ODR platform: The European platform for online dispute resolution provided by the EU Commission

Consumers can use the EU Commission's online dispute resolution platform to contact companies from all over the EU and to refer the matter to an appropriate ADR body.

An integrated translation tool enables joint conversation and overcomes language barriers.

The parties can then forward the case directly to this dispute resolution body via the Online Dispute Resolution platform. A simple way of settling disputes out of court within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

ADR procedures in the EU, Island, Liechtenstein and Norway

All over Europe, alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR bodies) can help consumers and traders to solve their disputes amicably: they are neutral, quick, competent and often free of charge. 

If consumers have bought something on the internet, they can use the European Online Dispute Resolution platform to refer cases to the competent ADR body together with the trader in question.

The platform offers central access to all recognised arbitration bodies in Europe and is particularly useful if the company is located in another European country.

The competent arbitration board is usually located in the country the company comes from.

An integrated translation tool helps to bridge language barriers.

Note: Changes to the ODR platform

From 13 May 2024, it will no longer be possible to submit requests for direct talks. All requests submitted by then will remain active as usual for 90 days and can be viewed for six months.

It will still be possible to submit complaints on the ODR platform.

How to use the ODR platform?

The ODR platform is an automated communication tool that makes it possible to settle disputes between consumers and traders in e-commerce.

The platform offers two different ways to do this, which we will briefly explain.

You can choose the complaint option if you have already tried to solve the problem directly with the company and think that a neutral ADR body would be helpful. The request for direct talks offers once again the possibility to communicate with each other via the chat portal of the ODR platform and to find a common solution.


The online trader may not respond to the consumer complaint or the request for direct talks, as the use of the platform is voluntary.

An email will inform the consumer after 30 days for complaints and after 90 days for direct talks that their respective case has been automatically closed.

Consumers who live in Germany have the possibility to turn to the national contact point Germany to get advices on other legal protection options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us either directly via the platform, which will give us an insight into your case, or send us all the information by email.

Contact information:

As the national contact point Germany, the European Consumer Centre Germany provides advice on how the platform works, on consumer rights, on conciliation bodies and - if conciliation does not help - on other legal protection options.


Phone: +49 7851 991 48 60 (Tue - Thu: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00)

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