Cross-border ADR procedures in Europe

Useful information: All over Europe, alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR bodies) help consumers and traders to solve their disputes amicably: they are neutral, quick, competent and often free of charge. 


European online dispute resolution platform

If the contract was concluded online, consumers can use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR platform) to contact the competent ADR body.

The platform is the central access point to all ADR bodies in Europe and is most useful if traders and consumers come from different European countries. In many cases, the competent ADR body is based in the country of the trader.

German ODR contact point

As German ODR contact point, the European Consumer Centre Germany advises consumers, online traders and ADR bodies on the ODR platform and offers guidance throughout the procedure. Questions may concern:

  • The functionality of the platform,
  • consumer law,
  • ADR bodies (jurisdiction, rules of procedure etc.) and
  • other means to enforce consumer claims, - if ODR/ ADR cannot help.

Contact information:


Tel.: +49 7851 991 48 60 (Tue - Thu: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00)

Fax: +49 7851 991 48 11

Submit a complaint

The procedure is divided into four steps. 

  1. The consumer submits his complaint via the online form.
  2. The online trader is automatically informed about the complaint and asked to propose an ADR body. Both parties have 30 days now to agree on an ADR body. If the online trader does not propose an ADR body or no agreement can be reached, the complaint is closed.
  3. If the consumer accepts the proposed ADR body, the ODR platform automatically transfers the complaint to it.
  4. After the ADR body has received all documents from both parties, it will assess the case and propose a solution within 90 days.

Usefull information: Online traders are not obliged to participate in ODR procedures. For both parties the use of the platform is voluntary. If the complaint or the direct talk is closed, consumers can turn to the German ODR contact point in order to get help.

Please do not hesitate to contact us either directly via the platform, which will give us an insight into your case, or send us all the information by email.