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1.Limited traffic zone in Italy 
Date: 08-06-21
Holidaymakers travelling by car in Italy should look out for traffic-calmed zones. These can be recognised by a sign saying “zona traffico limitato”. If you drive through them, you can expect a heavy… 
2.ADR bodies in the EU 
Date: 27-05-21
All over Europe, alternative dispute resolution bodies are helping consumers with problems with traders. Here you will find an overview of the European Consumer Centre Germany with all ADR bodies in… 
3.ADR bodies in Germany 
Date: 20-05-21
Do you have a dispute with a trader from Germany? Alternative dispute resolution bodies support you in solving the problem: competent, quick and free of charge.  
4.Moving Companies 
Date: 20-05-21
Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with a moving company of the AMÖ in order to find a quick and amicable solution. 
5.Persons with Disabilities 
Date: 18-05-21
You were violated by a public body in your right to accessibility because of your impairment or you could not participate in life in society? 
6.Alternative Dispute Resolution 
Date: 17-05-21
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution Are you having problems with a trader from another EU member state? By contacting an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body, consumers… 
Date: 11-05-21
In order to ensure that consumers in Europe are not left alone and that their confidence in the internal market is strengthened, the European Commission launched a network in 2005 to provide… 
8.EU platform 
Date: 05-05-21
The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform provides central access to all ADR bodies in Europe. The national contact point assists consumers who wish to file a case against an online trader in… 
9.Press Releases 
Date: 04-05-21
Here you can find our latest Press Releases. 
10.Border control and customs 
Date: 29-04-21
Schuhe und Postkarten in einem Souvenirladen.Customs regulates the import of tobacco, cash and alcohol. What travel allowances apply? And how much money can I carry with me when entering another EU country? We provide information about the… 
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