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1.Guarantees and warranties 
Date: 13-01-22
Anyone who buys defective goods in Europe can assert rights from the legal guarantee or possibly from a commercial warranty. What rights do I have as a customer after the purchase? And what is the… 
2.Right of Withdrawal 
Date: 22-12-21
You do not like the ordered goods? For online purchases, door-to-door sales or telephone orders, you benefit from the 14-day right of withdrawal. 
Date: 16-12-21
In order to ensure that consumers in Europe are not left alone and that their confidence in the internal market is strengthened, the European Commission launched a network in 2005 to provide… 
4.Illegal Downloads in Germany 
Date: 08-12-21
We explain the risks and provide information on the legal situation in Germany when downloading music, films and video games. 
5.Credit Rating 
Date: 29-11-21
In cases of differences with the SCHUFA, consumers can turn to its ombudsman. The ombudsman clarifies the disputed matter neutrally and free of charge.

6.Air Travel 
Date: 29-11-21
Flight delayed, cancelled or denied boarding? Is your baggage lost or damaged? We give free advice on air passenger rights. 
7.Package Holiday 
Date: 29-11-21
What is a package holiday? What rights do I have? And how can I claim a travel price reduction due to travel defects? We clarify the most important questions.  
8.Subscription Trap: Aliaz Cooperation 
Date: 29-11-21
We receive numerous complaints regarding the "Aliaz Cooperation SIA" that operates several online shops. Free samples are advertised in social media. However, consumers are caught in a subscription… 
9.Counterfeit goods 
Date: 16-11-21
Anyone who buys counterfeit products on vacation or online can be liable to prosecution. We explain how to recognize fake brands and protect yourself from product piracy.
10.Online Brochures 
Date: 03-11-21
With our free online brochures, you always have the perfect companion on the road. Your rights short and sweet. 
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