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1.Car Rental 
Date: 20-09-23
Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc.  
2.Buying an electric car abroad 
Date: 19-09-23
Is it worth buying an electric vehicle in another EU country? Can you benefit from funding programs in other countries? We provide answers to these and other questions.  
3.Credit fraud 
Date: 19-09-23
Fraudsters lure people on social media with loans at low interest rates. Those who take up the offer have to pay a fee in advance via Western Union. Then you don't hear anything more from the crooks… 
4.Planned Treatment in Germany 
Date: 15-09-23
If you plan to have a medical treatment in Germany, this article provides you with further information. There are a several number of things you need to consider - especially in case of reimbursement. 
5.E-scooter regulations in Europe 
Date: 15-09-23
You want to drive your e-scooter abroad? We tell you where it is legal and which rules apply in 30 European countries.  
Date: 13-09-23
News Leaflets on consumer and travel rights for refugees from Ukraine ECC Network services open to ukrainian citizens in the EU Educational toolkit for young consumers  
7.Emergency Treatment in Germany 
Date: 11-09-23
The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enables you to get emergency medical treatment in other EU countries and makes it easier to reimburse treatment costs.  
8.Subscription traps 
Date: 22-08-23
It can happen that dubious companies lure you into a subscription trap on the internet. We give current examples and explain how those affected can defend themselves against demands for payment. 
9.Dating services 
Date: 22-08-23
Dating sites often promise free registration but be wary of the terms they use! Generally, creating the profile is free, but accessing the messaging services or seeing all of the other profiles may… 
Date: 22-08-23
When you purchase something on the internet in the EU, you are protected. For example, you must be informed of your order’s delivery date and in the event of a late delivery, your seller is… 
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