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Your rights while shopping in a store in Germany

Compared to online shopping, it is possible to get advice when shopping in a store. You can also touch the product and check it for defects. However, problems can still occur. What can I do if the purchased product is defective? What if I change my mind and I do no longer like it? When can I return a product? We have summarized important information for you. In addition, we indicate the sales periods in the several EU countries.

Blick über ein Geländer in einem Einkaufszentrum.

Consumer Rights in Germany

The rights when shopping in a store are different from the rights that you have when shopping online. We give you an overview of guarantees, exchanges, prices, payment, sales and opening times in Germany.

In einem Schaufenster steht ein Schlussverkaufsschild mit der Aufschrift: SALE! 20 bis 50 Prozent auf die Winterkollektion.

Sales periods in Europe

In Germany, the official sales period was abolished. In France, however, it still exists. Here you can find everything about sales periods, currencies, VAT rates and opening hours in other EU countries.

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