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Car purchase, car rental, traffic rules & Co.

Car hire is a practical way to get around on holiday. Before choosing a rental car company, travellers should check the included services, such as insurance coverage. Read the rental contract carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you want to buy a vehicle in another EU country you should check the dealer for seriousness. You also need to buy transit plates that allow you to transfer the car to your home country.

Further information on these topics as well as on traffic rules in Germany, car accident and winter tires within Europe can be found within the following articles.

Eine Person hält einen Autoschlüssel in der Hand.

Car purchase abroad

We explain how to avoid problems when buying a car in another EU country and what you need to know about vehicle registration and transfer.

Mehrere Fahrzeuge auf einer Autobahn. Für eine Überführung nach Deutschland werden Exportkennzeichen benötigt.

Driving a car in Germany

We give you information about traffic and safety rules in Germany, such as speed limits and controls or the rescue lane on German motorways.

Ein grünes Auto fährt an einer Küste entlang. Rechts ist das Meer zu sehen.

Car Rental

Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc.

Fester Blitzer zur Überwachung der Höchstgeschwindigkeit im Straßenverkehr.

Traffic violations and fines in Germany

We describe in which cases traffic fines committed in Germany can also be prosecuted abroad. This includes driving too fast or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ein Auto fährt mit hoher Geschwindigkeit über eine Straßenkreuzung.

Limited traffic zone in Italy

Holidaymakers travelling by car in Italy should look out for traffic-calmed zones. These can be recognised by a sign saying “zona traffico limitato”. If you drive through them, you can expect a heavy fine.

Ein rotes Auto in einer schneebedeckten Landschaft.

Winter tires within Europe

In the EU countries, it depends on the weather, the season and the traffic signs whether winter tires are mandatory or not.

Im Vordergrund ist ein junger Mann und telefoniert. Mit der linken Hand fässt er sich an den Hinterkopf; und in der rechten sein Smartphone. Im Hintergrund ist ein Autounfall.

Car accident in Europe

Keeping a level head after an accident is not that easy. Especially not, if the accident happens abroad. We provide information about the necessary steps and give practical advice.

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