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Rights and Obligations of Travellers

When travelling, it often happens that not everything runs smoothly. The flight was cancelled, the train was delayed or the luggage did not arrive on time. Do I have the chance to get my money back? Fortunately, there are consumer rights protecting you, such as EU air passenger rights or rail passenger rights. We explain which rights you have while travelling and how you can claim for compensation.

A Boeing 737 standing at a gate. The Aircraft is being handled by ground staff.

Air Travel: Do You Know Your Rights?

Flight delayed, cancelled or denied boarding? Is your baggage lost or damaged? We give free advice on air passenger rights.

A train stands in a station.

Rail Passenger Rights

Planning a train journey across Europe? We provide information on EU passengers' rights when travelling by train, as well as tips on booking tickets and preparing for your journey.

Six white coaches stand in a row in a bus depot.

Travelling by Bus

Bus passenger rights apply to long-distance bus journeys where the planned route is more than 250 kilometers and whose arrival or departure location is within the EU.

A white cruise ship on the ocean.

Travelling by Ship or Ferry

If you are travelling by ship or ferry to another European Union country, you have rights in the event of cancellation or delay.

A couple walks with luggage over a footbridge. Small residential bungalows made of straw and the blue sea can be seen in the background.

Package Holiday

What is a package holiday? What rights do I have? And how can I claim a travel price reduction due to travel defects? We clarify the most important questions.

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What are the pros and cons of booking through an online travel portal? Beware of timeshare contracts: Numerous vacationers have already fallen victim to a nasty scam.

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