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Traffic fines from abroad

Have you received a penalty notice from another European country? Then you should take it seriously. Fines over 70 euros are also prosecuted across borders.

A dark car passes a fixed radar at high speed.

Traffic violations and fines in Germany

If you drive too fast or break the rules in another European country, you can be fined. Fines can also be collected across borders.

Autobahn in Stockholm bei Nacht

Congestion charge Sweden

A congestion charge is levied in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The toll also applies to vehicles registered abroad. Notifications are issued by the company EPASS24.

Traffic sign of a limited traffic zone in Italy

Limited traffic zone in Italy

Holidaymakers travelling by car in Italy should look out for ZTL zones. These can be recognised by a sign saying “zona traffico limitato”. If you drive through them, you can expect a heavy fine.

Unpaid tolls in Italy

Didn't pay the toll in Italy? This can happen with the Free Flow toll system. "Nivi SpA" collects the fees. We answer important questions.

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