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11.Air Passenger Rights 
Date: 03-05-22
In case of flight delay or cancellation, you are entitled to compensation. Our experts help to enforce your air passenger rights. No fees for EU citizens! 
12.Travel Law 
Date: 28-04-22
Flight delays, passenger rights for train and bus travel: We will explain to you what rights you have.  
13.Moving Companies 
Date: 31-03-22
Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with a moving company of the AMÖ in order to find a quick and amicable solution. 
14.Persons with Disabilities 
Date: 31-03-22
You were violated by a public body in your right to accessibility because of your impairment or you could not participate in life in society? 
15.Skilled Crafts 
Date: 30-03-22
If you have a dispute with a craftsman, you can submit your complaint to one of the many regional chambers of skilled crafts, which will then conduct the conciliation procedure.
16.EU platform 
Date: 30-03-22
The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform provides central access to all ADR bodies in Europe. The national contact point assists consumers who wish to file a case against an online trader in… 
17.ADR bodies in the EU 
Date: 30-03-22
All over Europe, alternative dispute resolution bodies are helping consumers with problems with traders. Here you will find an overview of the European Consumer Centre Germany with all ADR bodies in… 
18.Consumer Rights in Germany 
Date: 29-03-22
The rights when shopping in a store are different from the rights that you have when shopping online. We give you an overview of guarantees, exchanges, prices, payment, sales and opening times in… 
Date: 28-03-22
Do you encounter problems with an insurance? You will find some useful information on ADR bodies dealing with complaints against insurances, intermediaries, brokers and sales representatives. 
20.Credit Rating 
Date: 28-03-22
In cases of differences with the SCHUFA, consumers can turn to its ombudsman. The ombudsman clarifies the disputed matter neutrally and free of charge.

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