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Where to get information on European justice and on national, Community and European law? 

Update: Jan 2014

Where to get access to European judicial procedures and how to find the competent courts or authorities to which you may apply for your purposes? Here is a range of websites that might be useful.


European e-Justice Portal

The European e-Justice Portal is conceived as a "one-stop (electronic) shop" for information on European justice and access to European judicial procedures. The Portal is targeted at citizens, businesses, legal practitioners and the judiciary. Citizens shall enjoy the same access to justice in other Member States as they would in their home country and the European e-Justice Portal contributes in a practical way to the removal of barriers, such as providing information in 22 languages and a wealth of links to relevant websites and documents.          


European Judicial Atlas in Civil Matters

This Atlas provides you with a user-friendly access to information relevant for judicial cooperation in civil matters. With the Atlas you can easily identify the competent courts or authorities to which you may apply for certain purposes. Furthermore, you can fill in the forms that exist online for some of these purposes, change the language of the form once you have filled it in and before printing it (so that the person receiving the form can read it in his own language), and transmit the forms electronically.


European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters

This website is managed by the European Commission and will be regularly updated in conjunction with the Member States of the European Union. It contains a large quantity of information about the Member States, Community law, European law and various aspects of civil and commercial law.


Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz (Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection)

The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection provides a range of information material as well as free online access to virtually the entire body of current federal law.

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