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71.Cash payment limitations 
Date: 03-03-20
There are limits to cash payments in many EU countries. We have put together an overview of the regulations in the individual countries. Check before you travel! 
72.Legal proceedings 
Date: 25-02-20
If you live in Europe and want to claim against a German party, there are two judicial procedures to help you, the „European Small Claims Procedure“ and the „European Payment Order“. If someone owes… 
73.Driving a car in Germany 
Date: 18-02-20
We give you information about traffic and safety rules in Germany, such as speed limits and controls or the rescue lane on German motorways. 
74.Lost and Stolen Bank Cards 
Date: 11-02-20
We provide you with information about what to do in the event of card loss or theft in an EU member state.  
75.Insurance in Germany 
Date: 10-02-20
There is a variety of insurances available in Germany. The most important optional insurance is the Private Liability Insurance. We briefly introduce you to the most important things. 
76.Renting in Germany 
Date: 06-02-20
For all real estate properties located in Germany, the rental contract based on German law. We provide you with information about house hunting and housing allowance, deposit, rent and utilities,… 
77.Moving to Germany 
Date: 05-02-20
We provide you with information about what to think about and what to do after you move to Germany. Starting with registration in the town hall, broadcasting fees, vehicle registration, taxes and… 
78.Telecommunication in Germany 
Date: 23-01-20
If you move to Germany, you can choose from a large amount of offers made by various German telephone operators, mobile operators and internet access providers. We also explain what to do if you want… 
79.Retail Store 
Date: 23-01-20
What to do if the purchased item is broken or no longer likes it? Can I simply return a product?  
80.Sales periods in Europe 
Date: 17-01-20
In Germany, the official sales period was abolished. In France, however, it still exists. Here you can find everything about sales periods, currencies, VAT rates and opening hours in other EU… 
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