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Date: 04-08-20
Press releases Press Releases Media Enquiry If you wish to know more about ECC Germany, the work we do, results we have achieved, or want us to comment on a relevant consumer issue, please… 
72.ECC Net Travel 
Date: 23-07-20
Most important phrases for consumers to exercise their consumer rights. Available in 25 European languages. 
73.Apps + Publications 
Date: 20-07-20
Smartphone Apps & Brochures The European Consumer Centre Germany offers brochures, smartphone apps and newsletters on consumer issues that can be downloaded for free.  
74.Insolvency: how to register a claim 
Date: 08-07-20
You have a claim against a German dealer who has filed for insolvency? If the insolvency administrator decides to open proceedings, you as a creditor have the opportunity to file your claim in these… 
75.Coronavirus: Cancelled events 
Date: 20-05-20
My event is cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus: In many European countries consumers are offered vouchers instead of getting their money back. 
76.Legal Notice 
Date: 21-04-20
Legal Notice Zentrum für Europäischen Verbraucherschutz e. V. Bahnhofsplatz 3 77694 Kehl Fax: +49 (0) 7851 / 991 48 11 E-Mail: Executive director Dr. Martine… 
77.Emergency Treatment in Germany 
Date: 11-03-20
The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enables you to get emergency medical treatment in other EU countries and makes it easier to reimburse treatment costs.
Date: 11-03-20
Did you have to pay for emergency treatment on holiday out of pocket? Are you planning a planned treatment with a doctor in a neighboring country? We explain your EU patient rights and give you… 
79.Timeshare-Contracts & Holiday Certificates 
Date: 11-03-20
Again and again travelers sign short- or long-term accommodation contracts during their vacation at sales events that they don't actually need. Getting out of the contract is not easy. 
80.Online Booking Portals 
Date: 11-03-20
Travel booking sites are intermediary sites that allow you to compare offers and prices of various tour operators by entering the destination and time that you want to travel.  
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