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71.Motor vehicles 
Date: 11-03-20
Would you like to travel abroad by car? Book a rental car on holiday? Or think about buying a car abroad? Here you will find information & tips. 
72.Smartphone apps 
Date: 05-03-20
This free mobile app helps travellers in Europe to cope with stressful situations abroad. Available in 25 languages. 
73.Online Brochures 
Date: 05-03-20
With our free online brochures, you always have the perfect companion on the road. Your rights short and sweet. 
74.Advice for Reserving a Flight 
Date: 04-03-20
It is easy to reserve a flight with a few clicks on the internet. However, a mistake in your name, additional charges for checked baggage, or a pre-checked box for insurance can cost you a lot!… 
75.About us 
Date: 04-03-20
The European Consumer Centre Germany is the first contact point for all German consumers with cross-border issues and also for foreign consumers living in Germany.  
76.Cash payment limitations 
Date: 03-03-20
There are limits to cash payments in many EU countries. We have put together an overview of the regulations in the individual countries. Check before you travel! 
77.Legal proceedings 
Date: 25-02-20
If you live in Europe and want to claim against a German party, there are two judicial procedures to help you, the „European Small Claims Procedure“ and the „European Payment Order“. If someone owes… 
78.Driving a car in Germany 
Date: 18-02-20
We give you information about traffic and safety rules in Germany, such as speed limits and controls or the rescue lane on German motorways. 
79.Lost and Stolen Bank Cards 
Date: 11-02-20
We provide you with information about what to do in the event of card loss or theft in an EU member state.  
80.Retail Store 
Date: 23-01-20
What to do if the purchased item is broken or no longer likes it? Can I simply return a product?  
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