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Date: 11-02-21
The ADR body for energy handles disputes between consumers and energy providers (electricity and gas) that concern, for example, the payment of an invoice or the switch to a new energy supplier. 
42.Credit Rating 
Date: 11-02-21
In cases of differences with the SCHUFA, consumers can turn to its ombudsman. The ombudsman clarifies the disputed matter neutrally and free of charge.

43.Lawyers & Tax Advisors 
Date: 11-02-21
ADR bodies and arbitration boards can help solve disputes between lawyers and clients. These include disputes about fee invoices and/or claims for damages.
44.Financial Services & Money Investment 
Date: 11-02-21
Do you have a dispute with a financial institution? Then you can turn to a specialised ADR body, e.g. if the dispute concerns consumer credits, money transfers or investments.  
45.Travelling & public transport 
Date: 11-02-21
Train delay, flight cancellation or baggage loss: If consumers have problems with airlines or other transport companies, they can turn to a dispute resolution body. 
46.Telecommunication & Mail 
Date: 11-02-21
Do you have a dispute about phone bills or problems changing your phone provider? Has your package been damaged in transit? In this and many other cases, the Federal Network Agency can help you. 
47.General Consumer Conciliation Bodies 
Date: 11-02-21
Do you have a complaint against a retailer or a car rental company? Whenever there is no specialised conciliation body, you can turn to a general consumer conciliation body. 
Date: 04-02-21
News Coronavirus in Europe: What rights do I have when travelling? Cancelled Events: Voucher instead of Refund? Help and advice for consumers – for more than 15 years The European… 
49.Travelling by ship: What are your rights? 
Date: 11-01-21
If you travel by ship or ferry to another country in the European Union or if you return to an EU country by ship or ferry with a European transporter, Europe gives you rights in the event of a… 
50.Rail passenger rights 
Date: 14-12-20
When you travel through Europe by train, the EU protects you and gives you rights. These rules apply to delays of more than one hour in departure or arrival at your final destination.  
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