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31.Air Travel 
Date: 29-11-21
Flight delayed, cancelled or denied boarding? Is your baggage lost or damaged? We give free advice on air passenger rights. 
32.Package Holiday 
Date: 29-11-21
What is a package holiday? What rights do I have? And how can I claim a travel price reduction due to travel defects? We clarify the most important questions.  
33.Counterfeit goods 
Date: 16-11-21
Anyone who buys counterfeit products on vacation or online can be liable to prosecution. We explain how to recognize fake brands and protect yourself from product piracy.
34.Sample Letters for Dispute Resolution 
Date: 03-11-21
Download free templates of dispute resolution sample letters you can use to gain your consumer rights, e.g. withdrawal online shopping, subscription traps & internet scams. 
35.Travelling by Bus 
Date: 03-11-21
Bus passenger rights apply to long-distance bus journeys where the planned route is more than 250 kilometers and whose arrival or departure location is within the EU. 
36.Rail passenger rights 
Date: 03-11-21
When you travel through Europe by train, the EU protects you and gives you rights. These rules apply to delays of more than one hour in departure or arrival at your final destination.  
Date: 02-11-21
Are you interested in the EU, travelling, sustainability and online shopping? The ECC Germany provides you with numerous videos on YouTube about your consumer rights in the EU. 
38.Winter tires within Europe 
Date: 25-10-21
In the EU countries, it depends on the weather, the season and the traffic signs whether winter tires are mandatory or not. 
39.Internet fraud 
Date: 18-10-21
There are numerous scammers on the net. Therefore, you should always be attentive when buying online. Is the offer too good to be true? Is the provider reputable? How do I recognize a fake shop? We… 
40.Living in Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
Basic account, SEPA credit transfer, upper limits for cash payments. We answer important EU-related financial and insurance questions for consumers.  
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