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Date: 08-04-21
32.Guarantees and warranties 
Date: 08-04-21
Anyone who buys defective goods in Europe can assert rights from the legal guarantee or possibly from a commercial warranty. What rights do I have as a customer after the purchase? And what is the… 
33.Thomas Cook bankruptcy 
Date: 01-04-21
Information about the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and how travelers proceed if they have booked with a German tour operator. 
34.Travelling by Ship or Ferry 
Date: 22-02-21
If you are travelling by ship or ferry to another European Union country, you have rights in the event of cancellation or delay. 
35.Subscription Trap: Aliaz Cooperation 
Date: 22-02-21
We receive numerous complaints regarding the "Aliaz Cooperation SIA" that operates several online shops. Free samples are advertised in social media. However, consumers are caught in a subscription… 
36.Coronavirus Travel Advice 
Date: 12-02-21
In view of the coronavirus crisis, travellers are asking themselves whether they should start or cancel their booked holiday. But will the cost of air tickets or holidays be reimbursed? We answer the… 
Date: 11-02-21
Do you encounter problems with an insurance? You will find some useful information on ADR bodies dealing with complaints against insurances, intermediaries, brokers and sales representatives. 
38.Skilled Crafts 
Date: 11-02-21
If you have a dispute with a craftsman, you can submit your complaint to one of the many regional chambers of skilled crafts, which will then conduct the conciliation procedure.
39.Car Retail 
Date: 11-02-21
Frequent points of dispute when buying a used car are technical vehicle defects, accident damage or problems with the sales contract. Consumers can also file complaints resulting from disputes for… 
40.Real Estate 
Date: 11-02-21
Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with estate agents, administrators, construction companies and architects in order to find a quick and amicable solution. 
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