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21.Real Estate 
Date: 28-03-22
Consumers can turn to an ADR body in cases of disputes with estate agents, administrators, construction companies and architects in order to find a quick and amicable solution. 
22.Traffic violations and fines in Germany 
Date: 23-03-22
We describe in which cases traffic fines committed in Germany can also be prosecuted abroad. This includes driving too fast or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  
23.Rail Passenger Rights 
Date: 22-03-22
When you travel through Europe by train, the EU protects you and gives you rights. These rules apply to delays of more than one hour in departure or arrival at your final destination.  
24.Commercial guarantees and legal warranties in Europe 
Date: 18-03-22
Legal warranty: When a product is not in conformity, you have the right to request the seller to provide remedies such as repair, replacement or refund for a period of minimum 2 years EU-wide. Maybe… 
25.Subscription Trap: Aliaz Cooperation 
Date: 11-03-22
We receive numerous complaints regarding the "Aliaz Cooperation SIA" that operates several online shops. Free samples are advertised in social media. However, consumers are caught in a subscription… 
26.Smartphone apps 
Date: 10-03-22
This free mobile app helps travellers in Europe to cope with stressful situations abroad. Available in 25 languages. 
27.Questions and Complaints 
Date: 04-02-22
Please use our form to contact us if you have a question about everyday consumer life in Europe or if you would like to file a complaint against a company from another EU country. 
28.Right of Withdrawal 
Date: 22-12-21
You do not like the ordered goods? For online purchases, door-to-door sales or telephone orders, you benefit from the 14-day right of withdrawal. 
Date: 16-12-21
In order to ensure that consumers in Europe are not left alone and that their confidence in the internal market is strengthened, the European Commission launched a network in 2005 to provide… 
30.Illegal Downloads in Germany 
Date: 08-12-21
We explain the risks and provide information on the legal situation in Germany when downloading music, films and video games. 
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