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1.Is Online Gambling legal in Germany? 
Date: 16-05-22
Despite the new regulations through the State Treaty on Gambling, numerous online casinos with a licence from other EU countries continue to offer their services on the German market. However, this… 
2.Limited traffic zone in Italy 
Date: 10-05-22
Holidaymakers travelling by car in Italy should look out for traffic-calmed zones. These can be recognised by a sign saying “zona traffico limitato”. If you drive through them, you can expect a heavy… 
Date: 03-05-22
When you purchase something on the internet in the EU, you are protected. For example, you must be informed of your order’s delivery date and in the event of a late delivery, your seller is… 
4.Geo-blocking and Cross-border portability 
Date: 03-05-22
Unjustified geoblocking has prevented consumers from using services and buying goods from a trader based in another EU country. Since 2018 this has largely come to an end.  
5.Dating services 
Date: 03-05-22
Dating sites often promise free registration but be wary of the terms they use! Generally, creating the profile is free, but accessing the messaging services or seeing all of the other profiles may… 
6.Car Rental 
Date: 03-05-22
Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc.  
7.Advice for Reserving a Flight 
Date: 03-05-22
It is easy to reserve a flight with a few clicks on the internet. However, a mistake in your name, additional charges for checked baggage, or a pre-checked box for insurance can cost you a lot!… 
8.Travelling by Bus 
Date: 03-05-22
Bus passenger rights apply to long-distance bus journeys where the planned route is more than 250 kilometers and whose arrival or departure location is within the EU. 
9.Leaving Germany 
Date: 03-05-22
If you leave Germany forever and move abroad, you have to think about some important things, such as deregistering from your local municipal authority or canceling subscription contracts. We have… 
10.Online Brochures 
Date: 03-05-22
With our free online brochures, you always have the perfect companion on the road. Your rights short and sweet. 
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