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1.Leaving Germany 
Date: 15-09-21
If you leave Germany forever and move abroad, you have to think about some important things, such as deregistering from your local municipal authority or canceling subscription contracts. We have… 
2.Travelling by Bus 
Date: 14-09-21
Bus passenger rights apply to long-distance bus journeys where the planned route is more than 250 kilometers and whose arrival or departure location is within the EU. 
3.Living in Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
Basic account, SEPA credit transfer, upper limits for cash payments. We answer important EU-related financial and insurance questions for consumers.  
4.Renting in Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
For all real estate properties located in Germany, the rental contract based on German law. We provide you with information about house hunting and housing allowance, deposit, rent and utilities,… 
5.Insurance in Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
There is a variety of insurances available in Germany. The most important optional insurance is the Private Liability Insurance. We briefly introduce you to the most important things. 
6.Telecommunication in Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
If you move to Germany, you can choose from a large amount of offers made by various German telephone operators, mobile operators and internet access providers. We also explain what to do if you want… 
7.Moving to Germany 
Date: 14-09-21
We provide you with information about what to think about and what to do after you move to Germany. Starting with registration in the town hall, broadcasting fees, vehicle registration, taxes and… 
8.Complaint form 
Date: 30-08-21
The European Consumer Center Germany advises and informs you free of charge on questions related to consumer protection in Europe. Feel free to contact us.
9.Information request 
Date: 30-08-21
[Translate to English:] Das Europäische Verbraucherzentrum Deutschland berät und informiert Sie kostenlos zu Fragen rund um das Thema Verbraucherschutz in Europa. Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf. 
Date: 24-08-21
In order to ensure that consumers in Europe are not left alone and that their confidence in the internal market is strengthened, the European Commission launched a network in 2005 to provide… 
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