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Date: 14-07-21
When you purchase something on the internet in the EU, you are protected. For example, you must be informed of your order’s delivery date and in the event of a late delivery, your seller is… 
2.Geoblocking and Cross-Border Portability 
Date: 14-07-21
Unjustified geoblocking has prevented consumers from using services and buying goods from a trader based in another EU country. Since 2018 this has largely come to an end.  
3.Dating services 
Date: 14-07-21
Dating sites often promise free registration but be wary of the terms they use! Generally, creating the profile is free, but accessing the messaging services or seeing all of the other profiles may… 
4.How to shop online 
Date: 14-07-21
When you shop online: Choose your online shop carefully, compare prices and observe the delivery conditions! This and more advices. 
5.Border control and customs 
Date: 30-06-21
Schuhe und Postkarten in einem Souvenirladen.Customs regulates the import of tobacco, cash and alcohol. What travel allowances apply? And how much money can I carry with me when entering another EU country? We provide information about the… 
6.Chargeback procedure 
Date: 25-06-21
Have you paid a European seller for a good or service by credit card and he has not respected his commitments and does not respond to your reminders? In certain cases, you can demand reimbursement… 
7.Online scams and counterfeit goods 
Date: 25-06-21
[Translate to English:] Wer im Urlaub oder online Produktfälschungen kauft, kann sich strafbar machen. Wir erklären, wie man Fake-Marken erkennt und sich vor Produktpiraterie schützt. 
8.Limited traffic zone in Italy 
Date: 08-06-21
Holidaymakers travelling by car in Italy should look out for traffic-calmed zones. These can be recognised by a sign saying “zona traffico limitato”. If you drive through them, you can expect a heavy… 
9.ADR bodies in the EU 
Date: 27-05-21
All over Europe, alternative dispute resolution bodies are helping consumers with problems with traders. Here you will find an overview of the European Consumer Centre Germany with all ADR bodies in… 
Date: 27-05-21
What are the pros and cons of booking through an online travel portal? Beware of timeshare contracts: Numerous vacationers have already fallen victim to a nasty scam. 
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