Application for young travelers

"APP ins EU-Ausland" is an application for young travelers (14-25 years old) to use in European Union countries during shorter or longer travels, such as school trips or work & travel.

Update : Jul 2019

The app currently provides helpful information for 15 different countries including a travel checklist, lodging accommodations, and transportation for each country. The app not only has recommendations for young travellers for popular destinations and special dishes for each country, but also helpful information on safety, laws, air passenger rights, and even tips for saving money. The app is in the German language and is free of charge. Once the app is installed on a phone or tablet, it is available to use offline.

The app contains the following 15 countries: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.

How to get the free App?

The QR-Code of the App:




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