German booking websites

If you are planning a holiday in Germany, it is possible that you’ll visit German booking sites to learn about the various package tours or travel deals that you can purchase.

Update : Nov 2018

These German booking sites are intermediary sites that allow you to compare offers and prices of various tour operators by entering the destination and time that you want to travel.

If you are not cautious while using these sites, you may accidentally book a trip without realizing it. Even though they are just intermediary sites, you can still order travel packages through them. If you enter the names of the guests who would potentially be traveling to a certain location, along with the dates of your travel and your current address, and press a button that says “Jetzt kaufen”, you are agreeing to pay for what you have selected on the website.

Once you click this button, the purchase is validated, and you will receive a booking confirmation and invoice for the trip.

Examples of these buttons include:

  • Zahlungspflichtig bestellen
  • Kostenpflichtig bestellen
  • Kaufen
  • Zahlungspflichtigen Vertag abschließen

If you want to cancel because you did not intend to book the trip, the travel agency may charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the total trip amount, or even more in some cases. Although there is a right of retraction for most things in Germany, there is no right of retraction for tourist services. This means the billing of the trip is legal in Germany.

If you plan to travel in Germany and want to search and compare different trip options online, proceed with caution so that you do not accidentally book a trip!

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