Practical advice for camping in Germany

Visiting Germany you could stay in one of the numerous campsites. We give you some practical advice.

Update : Nov 2018

While visiting Germany you might want to stay in one of the many campsites around the country. Here is some practical advice for your stay!


  • Germany has almost 3000 Campsites, from rural farm sites to holiday villages, which are classified ranging from 1 to 5 stars. There is no official classification authority in Germany. The most important organisations regarding camping are the ADAC (German automobile club), DCC (German camping club) and the DTV (German tourism association). These organisations as among others publish various campsite guides (with classifications) which are available in bookshops.
  • The average campsite price for two adults, one child plus carpark, electricity and hot water for one night is 28 Euro (+ visitors tax). However, in popular places, prices are higher.
  • The internal rules of the campsite must be displayed at the entrance of the site and in the reception area.
  • There are also special caravan sites for short term stays. These are usually located closer to cities than normal campsites, but are only open to caravans (no other vehicles). These sites only offer access to electricity, fresh water and  a drainage system for wastewater. They are designed for short term stays (1-3 nights).

Residential leisure parks

  • In these sites, the owners of mobile homes or caravans either rent or buy a plot of land for a home on a more permanent basis.

Camping in the wild

  • Make sure that camping is not forbidden and that you have the permission of the owner, otherwise you can be fined! Please note that even with permission, special rules might apply (e.g. no open fire). To be on the safe side please turn to the local government before pitching your tent in the wild.

Campsites and insurance

  • Please make sure to lock up your personal belongings (in a securely closed container) or leave them with someone you trust. Campers should not leave any valuables unprotected at any time. You might want to ask your insurance company if it offers special contracts for camping holidays.
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