Roaming & Emergency

The European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament agreed to the widespread abolition of retail roaming surcharges. Since 15th June 2017 you can "roam like at home" and will not have to pay roaming charges when travelling to another EU country.


Update: May 2019

until 14th June 2017 since 15th June 2017
Outgoing phone calls per minute domestic price + 0,05 € (excl. VAT) roam like at home - no extra fee, same as domestic price
SMS (outgoing), incoming SMS are toll-free domestic price + 0,02 € (excl. VAT) roam like at home - no extra fee, same as domestic price
Data services per MB domestic price + 0,05 € (excl. VAT) roam like at home - no extra fee, same as domestic price
Incoming phone calls per minute max. 0,0114 € (excl. VAT) roam like at home - no extra fee, same as domestic price

Note: These regulations are not valid for third countries such as, for example, Switzerland.


Mobile phones and cruises

Taking part on a cruise trip either on the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea or along the Atlantic Coast you should be careful while using mobile phones. Despite the new Roaming Regulation, higher costs may still occur. Why? This is because specialized telephone providers on ships offer their services via satellites. A one-minute call could cost up to 10 Euro.

Please contact your travel agency or the cruise line (prior to departure)to ask them about the phone network and the corresponding tariffs. This will help you avoid receiving any unwanted holiday souvenirs when looking through your invoices.


Phone calls and SMS from Germany to other EU member states

The maximum tariffs are only applicable for roaming within EU Member States; while using the mobile in an EU country’s network. Calling from a German network to a foreign network, or sending an SMS from Germany to another EU country does not constitute roaming. Therefore, service providers are not bound to the same maximum price limits.

Update: Europe has decided that from May 15, 2019 onward there will be an upper limit on calls and texts sent from Germany to another EU country, and that these will be set at 19 cents / minute for a call and at 6 cents / SMS text (excl. VAT).

Europe’s Emergency Number 112

Regardless of which European country you are in, in the event of an emergency you can always dial 112 to reach the police, fire department or an ambulance. When calling this number, you will automatically be forwarded to the particular service in your region. If you call from a mobile phone, your specific location can also be detected sometimes.

This number is toll-free for mobile phones and landlines in each of the 28 EU Member States. Even if you are using a foreign mobile phone and are on roaming, calling 112 remains free of charge.

When calling 112 in Germany the employees in the emergency call centres speak German, English and, in border regions, the languages of the neighbouring countries.


Emergency Numbers in Germany

  • Toxic Substance Emergency: 19 240
  • Rescue service / ambulance: 19 222
  • Non-emergency medical doctor in call: 116 117
  • Crisis helpline “Telefonseelsorge”: 0800/111/0111 or 0800/1110222
  • Emergency line German automobile insurer (car accident, breakdown): 0800/668/3663

These emergency numbers are toll-free and valid throughout Germany. Unfortunately, most of the services are only available in German.