Cross-Border Portability

Have you ever been unable to watch a video on the internet because it was not available in your country? Have you ever tried to download a digital book or music on a foreign site but without success because you do not live in that country?

Update : Apr 2018

As of April 1th, 2018 and coming into force in the European Regulation 2017-1128, if you find yourself temporarily in another member state of the European Union, you will be able to enjoy your paid subscriptions for watching films, series, or listening to music. The regulation aims to promote cross-border portability of digital content.

You could therefore enjoy while in the European Union your subscriptions for:

  • Streaming or video platforms (examples: Netflix, Amazon, Youtube)
  • Digital books to download
  • Television programs on replay on private national channels
  • Sports events broadcast by premium services

You must take advantage of the same characteristics of your subscriptions: access to the same content, same assortment, for the same number of devices and users, and with the same abilities. But this is without guarantee of quality of service.

The contracts entered into before March 20th, 2018 are all affected.


  • Cross-border portability is only mandatory for paid subscriptions. Free service providers are free to offer it or not to their clients.
  • These new regulations only apply to temporary stays in other European Union countries. A person residing in Germany could not enjoy a subscription to a French television channel, for example.
  • The regulation does not provide any definition to the term “temporary”. Professionals will therefore be able to verify your place of usual residence by means of your billing address, means of your used payment, your IP address, your internet access contract, etc.
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