Low Emission Zones in Germany

Numerous German cities have established environmental zones to reduce the emission of particulate matter in these specific cities.

Update : Nov 2018

Consumers from other countries are also expected to respect these restrictions. Within these low emission zones you are only allowed to drive with a badge that certifies the pollutant class of your car. Cars with the highest pollutant class are not entitled to the badge, and therefore, are not allowed to drive in these „Umweltzonen“.

If you drive without a badge within one of the „Umweltzonen“ you will be charged a fine of 80 €. This rule is also applicable for cars which are not registered in Germany.

Which cities have low emission zones in Germany?

To see which cities have low emission zones, look at the summary table published online by the German Federal Environmental Agency.

Where can I get the badge?

You can get the required badge at the rural district offices (Landratsamt); as well as at 30.000 garages in Germany and various organisations (e.g. DEKRA, TÜV). In general, this badge is only available in Germany.

Can I also order the badge in my home country?

It is possible to order the badge online on this website.  

Here, you can file an application for an environmental zone sticker for every vehicle registered in Berlin or another German registration-office, as well as for foreign vehicles. Your application will be processed immediately after submission. Due to different mail delivery times (especially to foreign countries) you should allow for 7 to 14 days to receive the sticker.

NB: When ordering online you must include a copy of the registration papers (e.g. COC-Paper) with the technical details of the vehicle as a pdf- or jpg-file.

If your car is registered in the Netherlands you can also order the badge on this homepage.

Further information about the Environmental Badges in Germany:

By clicking on the following link, you'll find comprehensive information about the German Environmental Badge which is mandatory to obtain access to the city centres of numerous German cities. This information is provided by TÜV Nord.

Ban of pollutive Diesel vehicles from German cities

Even if you have a green badge for your car, it is still possible that your car will be banned from cities if their NOx quantity exceeds a certain limit. The highest federal administrative court in Germany ruled that cities have the right to ban the most heavily polluting diesel cars from their streets. Many other major cities including Paris, Madrid, and Copenhagen are discussing bans of diesel vehicles for the future as well. Although there are no specific dates yet, many changes are predicted for the coming years.



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