Cross-border car purchase and registration

Buying a car in another EU Member State: a good deal? Your European Consumer Centre (ECC) can help you answering the right questions. 

Update : Apr 2019

Looking for the real gem, competitive/attractive prices or just a wider choice, many EU consumers decide to go car bargain hunting in another EU Member State. What at first sight seems a simple transaction may quickly turn into an obstacle course: which documents are needed? Where to pay VAT? Is the car covered by a guarantee? Do I need insurance or transit plates for the way back? Is the foreign vehicle inspection recognized in my country? What to do in case of a complaint against the foreign seller or difficulties with the registration procedure?

To provide you with complete and transparent information, the whole ECC-Net realised an extensive study in 2015, analyzing obstacles consumers may encounter when buying a car cross-border. Practical advice guides through the process from buying a car in another EU Member State or Norway to the registration in the consumer’s residence country.

To answer all these and more questions and to facilitate the cross-border car purchase, the ECC-Net provide following documents: 

  • Fact sheets for both country of purchase and country of registration regrouping in one place the main information consumers need (see below on the map);
  • General practical recommendations for consumers;
  • A video giving one example of a cross-border car purchase;
  • An extensive report about cross-border car purchase and registration in the EU and Norway, and its  summary;
  • A press release.


Fact sheets regarding country of purchase and country of registration

Please click on the country to get more information.

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