Which law is applicable?

To be able to enforce your claims, it is important to know which law is applicable in case of a car accident.

Update : Jan 2019

The claims compensation for car accidents is coordinated to a large extent within the EU. However, there are still differences, for example, as regards the obligatory coverage level of motor third-party liability insurances (MTPL-insurances). Hence, the insurance of the adverse party may not cover your complete damage.

In general, it is the law oft the country where the accident occured that is applicable. It lays down the provisions on liability and compensation. Hence, accidents in France between cars registered in Germany and Hungary fall under the scope of the French law.

However, if the accident only involves vehicles that are all registered in the same Member State, the law of this Member State is applicable. For example, when two cars registered in Germany have an accident in France, the German law is applicable.

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