Glove compartment necessities

When you drive across Europe you should have the following documents handy under all circumstances.

Update : May 2018

The green card

 This document certifies that you are insured and notably mentions:

  • Information about your insurance company (contact, tele- phone number etc.)
  • Information about your car and yourself

The European Accident Statement

The European Accident Statement is a harmonised document at European level (the  sections are similar  irrespective of the language) and some copies are bilingual  (e.g. French-English). Your insurance company can provide you with further information. Despite not being compulsory, the European Accident Statement is essential to receive quick compensation for your damage.

In many EU Member states the reflective jacket and the warning triangle are compulsory. The same applies for first-aid kits. Before travelling abroad, gather all the relevant information about your destination country.

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