The European Accident Statement should be sent as fast as possible to the foreign insurance company and also to your own.

Update : May 2018

Nevertheless, in some countries there is a time limit for its submission.

The European system of compensation

The European Union created a simplified procedure for the compensation of car accident victims in another European Member state (Directive 2009/103/EC). In particular, it enables you to claim compensation in your country of residence as soon as you are back.

The principle of the procedure in three steps:

1. Contact the claims representative of the other driver’s MTPL insurance company

Contact the claims representative of the motor third-person liability insurance (MTPL insurance) company of the other driver(s) involved in the accident in the Member State of your residence; and hand in an application for compensation. This application should include at least the European Accident Statement and, if possible, a cost estimate for the repair. 

All Member States also established information centres that can help you to identify the other driver’s MTPL insurance company  and the competent claims representative. In Germany that is the Zentralruf der Autoversicherer.

2. Receive the compensation offer within three months

The claims representative must make you a compensation offer within three months after your application. Naturally, only under the condition that you handed in all requested documents.

3. Or contact the Compensation Body

You can contact the Compensation Body when

  • you do not receive any offer from the claim represantative within three months after the submission of your documents
  • the other driver’s MTPL insurance company  has not nominated a claims representative in your country
  • the other driver’s car  cannot be identified within two months or his MTPL insurance company cannot be identified.

The compensation body must initiate its actions within two months. However, please note, that you cannot turn to this body, if you have already taken legal actions against the driver.

The Council of Bureaux provides information about all compensation bodies in the Member States. The German compensation body is the Verkehrsopferhilfe e.V.

When can your vehicle be repaired?

It depends on many factors: your degree of responsibility in the accident, the nature of insurance contract you concluded, the nature and extent of the damage to your vehicle. In any case, please wait for the approval of your insurance company to avoid problems.

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