At the scene of the accident

If you had an accident, we recommend you not only to stay calm and secure the accident with the triangle, but also the following:

Update : May 2018

  • Stay calm, don’t leave the scene. Secure the accident with the triangle.
  • Note the information about the adverse party mentioned on the green card: the full name and address of the driver (verify the driver’s identity!), insurance company, number of insurance policy and registration of the vehicle.
  • Note the identity and address of potential witnesses. Ask your witnesses for their business cards, so that you can easily reach them even at their workplace.
  • Please carefully  fill  in  the  accident statement, which should be signed by the adverse party.
  • You  don’t  speak  the  language  of  the other driver? Don’t panic! The European Accident Statement is standardized, so that the information filled out on this document can be easily understood by your insurance company. Therefore, the box ‘observations’ on this document can be completed by the driver in his (her) own language. As a last resort, two European Acccident Statements - in each driver’s language - can be completed and signed.
  • Only sign the report when you are sure that you understand the situation and you agree to the description. If this is not the case, do not cross any box. If the European Accident Statement is not properly filled in, you may be unjustly help responsible.
  • Carefully read the European Accident Statement before completing its middle column. Then check the boxes relevant to the circumstances of the accident. This is a very important section in order to clarify the responsibility of the drivers involved in the accident.
  • Above all, do not forget to mention the number of boxes you ticked at the bottom of the column. Otherwise the adverse party might cross other boxes after the fact, which could be to your disadvantage.
  • You are not allowed to compel the other driver to sign the document. In case he does not, gather the global information mentioned above. However, also in this case you can send the European Accident Statement to your insurer for information purposes. In case you were involved in an accident with several other vehicles, you should fill in a European accident statement with each of the parties involved.
  • Secure the evidences and take photos of the location of the accident and of the vehicles involved.

In some European Member states it is mandatory that the police file an accident report even if there is only damage to property (vehicles). In France, in the event of an accident with no serious injuries and if both drivers agree to the facts, there is no obligation to contact the police. But even in this case, you should sign an accident statement, because you might get compensation faster.

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