Taxes and charges in Germany

Here you find some important information on taxes and charges concerning motor vehicles, property, audiovisual licence and dogs.

Update: Jan 2014

Tax on motor vehicles

A car driver in Germany must pay an annual tax: the “Kraftfahrzeugsteuer” (or Kfz-Steuer), which must be paid at the local tax office (Finanzamt). The amount of car tax depends on the date of the first registration, the engine size, the type of fuel used and the CO2 emissions. Here you can calculate the amount of your "Kfz-Steuer".

Property tax

Property tax is paid by the property owner, but is sometimes a part of the utility expenses in the rental contract.

Audiovisual license fee

Anyone in Germany owning audiovisual equipment (television set, clock radio, computer…) must pay an annual license fee to the “Gebühreneinzugszentrale” (GEZ). You can register online at Read more about it under "The broadcast license fee in Germany".

Dog tax

If you own a dog in Germany, you must register it at the local town hall and pay dog tax. The cost varies between local councils (sometimes the owner must pay per dog) and different breeds of dog are taxed at different rates.



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