Electricity, Gas, Water, District Heating

How to cancel the contracts for electricity, gas, water and district heating:

Update: May 2018

Cancelling the contract

If you obtain your gas and/or your electricity from a public utility company (Stadtwerke), you can cancel the contract with a period of notice of two weeks.

If you concluded a contract with an alternative electricity supplier and/or an alternative gas supplier, you can find the conditions for cancelling the contract in the terms and conditions of the supplier. Often they contain a clause allowing their customers to cancel the contract before the end of the contract term in the case of move house. You should contact your supplier within the appropriate amount of time.

Meter reading

Before moving out of your flat, you must make sure that your gas and electricity meter is read.

Usually, you can do this by yourself and inform your provider with a written statement. Most providers offer a service on their website where you can fill in your final meter readings and unsubscribe easily online.

If water is included in your rent, your landlord is in charge of reading the meter. If this service is not included, you can see to the meter reading in the same way as in the case of gas and electricity. The same procedure applies to district heating.

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