ADR in Germany

Do you have a dispute with a trader from Germany? Alternative dispute resolution bodies support you in solving the problem: competent, quick and free of charge.

Update : May 2019

There are many specialised alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR bodies) for example for disputes with airlines, insurances and financial institutions. All other disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the General Consumer Conciliation Bodies (Allgemeine Verbraucherschlichtungsstellen).

In Germany, alternative dispute resolution bodies are called ‘Verbraucherschlichtungsstellen’. They need to comply with quality standards applicable all over Europe. Verbraucherschlichtungsstellen are marked with an * on our website. There are also other out-of-court dispute resolution bodies. For example, for disputes with online traders or car traders.

The Federal Office of Justice registers and lists all German alternative dispute resolution bodies. Consumers can find a list of all dispute resolution bodies in Germany below, categorized by sector.

Useful information:

  • Procedures undertaken with alternative dispute resolution bodies are always free of charge for consumers in Germany.
  • Dispute resolution bodies also can have other names like ombudsman or conciliation committee.

Practical tips:

  • Try to solve the problem with the trader first, before you contact an ADR body
  • Check whether the trader informs of ADR procedures on his website/ general terms of contract
  • Use the online form to file a complaint (if available).

The European Consumer Centre Germany advises consumers in cross-border disputes, i.e. if they come from a different European country than the trader (; +49 (0)7851 991 48 60; online form).

Consumers from other European countries can use the ODR platform to contact ADR bodies in Germany. This online platform provides a central access point to all ADR bodies in Europe and helps to overcome language barriers.

Practical tip: If consumers and traders come from Germany, regional consumer organisations can advise consumers on ADR.



ADR bodies in Germany


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